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global configuration

Our web-based management tool supports all aspects of configuration and performance management.

Administration and manager access to the management platform is included in all the agent licensing model at no additional cost.  All options are permission based so that users only have the access they need.

import configuration

Configure your own data import formats and rules;
For example, what de-duplication rules do you want to use, what country do you want the phone numbers validated against.

importing data

Import files directly via HTTPS, or automatically via SFTP.

View the status and history of all previous imports by file and see how many records were imported successfully.

file penetration

View a summary of your file penetration and how much of your data is fresh, in-progress or complete.


Query and filter/pivot on your customer campaign data to drill down further with easy access to the live status of each record.

Is it available for dialling, already complete, due a call-back, reached max attempts, plus a summary of the activity to date.

call-back manager

View and manage call-backs: incorrect use of call-backs can impact productivity and data penetration.

Set parameters on how these are controlled and have the visibility of the data to take action. 

manage dnc

Manage and maintain DNC (Do Not Contact) lists, with the option to set an expiry date.

prioritise data

Set new priorities and sort orders for your campaigns while they are live, or set schedules for these to change automatically.

compliance strategies

Working within OFCOM parameters, adjust ring time and abandon targets. Adjust your ratio of fresh to retry data, and configure how you treat calls that don’t connect to a right party. Decide how to treat multiple numbers/contacts – attempt immediately on a non connect or on retry. 


Easily add new outcomes; flag their reporting definitions in terms of right party, success, and configure their retry options. 

inbound flows

Configure your inbound routes for all channels, overflows, record and manage greetings, hold music and messages.


Manage communication templates for e-mail and SMS using merge fields within your campaign data, embedding links to our SafePay online payments.


Configure robot squads and instruction sets to be deployed within your campaigns to automate all or part of your inbound and outbound calls, with full outcome reporting available.


Configure agent access: to campaigns via the scripter, queue memberships for inbound routing, and multi session handling for omnichannel.


Teams are used to group permissions that can then be applied to individuals.


Configure admin access to the various areas of configuration, reporting and permissions within this; e.g., being able to listen to a call recording and/or being able to download it.  


Users can configure their own wallboard views to monitor agent states/productivity, inbound queues, wait times, service levels, campaign data levels, and many other related metrics.

There are no limits to how many views you can set up.


Configurable KPI dashboard to view either by agent or campaign the cumulative performance for the day, or for a historic period with thermometer gauges to show performance to target.

campaign trends

Analysing trends via campaign stats – look under the bonnet to understand campaign performance:  covering data, connect rate, contact rate, productivity and conversion.

record history

Drill down to single interactions with easy search and filter options and the ability to quickly view the details or listen/view the interaction (call and/or screen recording).

agent availability

Quick and easy access to audit your agents productivity/occupancy.


Access to all successful and declined payment activity.

report centre

Our report centre within GDMS provides a number of reports that you can schedule or run on demand, covering all areas of performance.


All reporting screens can be exported in a friendly format to excel, csv or pdf, including each call/interaction in our record history tool where you can add your own custom fields for export.

integration options

Data feeds/API’s/webhooks available to integrate within your internal systems. 


Live listening via wallboards to observe quality practices, including an option to coach agents in real time.

interaction recordings

Via record history, listen or view interactions as soon as they are complete.

quality assurance

Linked to our call/screen recording, configure your own quality scorecard templates and score the call as you listen to it.

live messaging

Communicate with your agents via our messaging tool – with the option to broadcast to all or selected agents

Choose to send it immediately or delay until they are finished their current call or session. 

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