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our customers play an important part in our product development and future roadmap, it’s in our interest to help you succeed


Our core team of “geniuses” worked together at previous businesses, specialising in debt and business process outsourcing.


Technology was always our differentiator, and we saw an opportunity to make that available to other businesses hence the formation of Genius in 2009.


Our original name was Genius PPT Limited, representing People, Process and Technology.


Our software allows you to bring all three elements together for maximum effectiveness.


Over the next 10 years we saw significant growth across a wide range of customers and sectors with changes in the compliance landscape and increased adoption of digital communications.


Our Commpli customer management solution evolved significantly with our customers’ needs and our Adept collections platform also grew in user numbers with some major customer wins.


Our global reach expanded to Europe and beyond and our network of infrastructure grew alongside that.


To support all of this our management systems evolved and were accredited to ISO 9001, 27001 and 22301.


2020 and beyond saw a certain global pandemic turn the world upside down and changed the landscape of almost every sector our clients operated in.


Our software was always accessed over the web so our client’s transitions to home working were seamless, and we supported our customers as they pivoted their businesses.


We also supported several new clients and COVID related operations along the way, and our growth plans continue to be ambitious!

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