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we believe in being transparent and flexible

Commercial flexibility is important, to ensure you can maximise your business performance and profitability.

Our pricing is simple and transparent, with no hidden charges or unexpected invoices. We do not charge any set-up or professional services fees throughout the relationship, which is unique in our industry; and we do not attempt to tie our customers into long contracts or minimum agent commitments.

We’re willing to make the initial and ongoing investment in our clients in return for a month-to-month contract; this is because we have 100% confidence in our product and service delivery and our customer tenure is evidence of that. Of course, many of our clients prefer the security of a contract, and we’re happy to do this too!

commercial flexibility & license options


Simple, transparent, all-inclusive pricing model.

contractual term

No contractual duration or minimum agent commitments.


Increase or decrease the number of users each month as & when required.


Per second call billing, monthly in arrears.

license options

We operate several license options, which can be used in combination if required.


Access to our integrated digital/omnichannel functionality is included in the agent fee.


Only pay for agents, no charge for support/management, hidden licenses or ‘pro’ features.


All our license options include full business continuity with highly available services included, at no additional cost to you.


the only other costs above our agent fees are transactional costs for calls, SMS, payments and any robot agent usage

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